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Congress Theme & Topics

Congress Theme

Tunnelling for a Better Life

Focus on the sustainability of tunnelling

We need more tunnels, underground works, and sustainable, resilient, low-carbon, smart, and safe solutions to transportation services, shopping malls, parking lots, shelters from bad weather as well as facilities for waste disposal so as to realize sustainable development.

Energy-saving and eco-friendly, green and low-carbon

The congress will focus on the latest trends and development directions of tunnelling and underground engineering, embrace the era of low-carbon and intelligent technology, and provide an excellent platform to exchange information on research, design, construction and technology by digital and intelligent tools.

Promotion and application of intelligent construction technology

The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for participants to showcase new materials, technologies, and equipment which will further contribute to tunnels and underground works in an efficient manner, advancing the industry and the whole society.

Tunnelling and underground space engineering are of great need in many countries around the world. WTC2024 can surely dig out a better future for humanity!


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    Ground Stability

  • 5

    Support and Lining

  • 6

    Conventional Tunnelling

  • 7

    Mechanized Tunnelling (TBM, shield)

  • 8

    Waterproofing and Drainage

  • 9

    Geological Prediction and Geophysical Prospecting

  • 10

    Instrumentation and Monitoring/Testing and Inspection

  • 11

    Ventilation and Aerodynamics

  • 12

    Maintenance and Repair

  • 13

    Operational Safety

  • 14

    Tunnel Renovation and Upgrading

  • 15

    Occupational Health and Safety

  • 16

    New Materigls

  • 17

    Digital and Information Technology

  • 18

    Immersed/Floating Tunnels

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  • 20

    Underground Caverns/Underground Space Use

  • 21

    Contractual Practices and Risk Management