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The Pearl River Estuary Tunnel of Shenzhen-Jiangmen Railway

The 13.69km Pearl River Estuary Tunnel of Shen-zhen-Jiangmen Railway is located in the Pearl River estuary between Guangzhou and Dongguan, which is the key project of the whole line of the Shen-zhen-Jiangmen Railway and the ratio of bridges and tunnels is 98%.

Project Features

Face challenges as long distance TBM tunnelling, great depth, high water pressure, complex geological conditions, and construction environ-ment Hazards.

With the deepest part of the tunnel being 115m below water and the maximum water pressure as high as 1.06MPa, it is the world's deepest undersea tunnel.

Tunnelling in mix-ground highly demands on shield tunnelling technology.

The implementation of a fully prefabricated assembly process has significantly reduced the risk of personnel safety control, accelerated the construction schedule, achieved green construc-tion and effectively improved the level of construction of the tunnel's internal structure.

1. The minimum number of visitors for each project visit is 10 people.
2. Please complete the payment within 3 days after booking, otherwise your order will be cancelled. If you still want to participate in this project, you need to rebook.

If the number of visitors for the route and the batch does not reach the minimum requirement, PCO will adjust the visit batch or route according to the situation. PCO reserves the rights to the final interpretation. Thank you for your understanding.

The batch information is as follows:

The First Batch:

Time: On the morning of 25 April 2024

Maximum Number of Visitors: 40 visitors

Price: 120 RMB per person

The Second Batch:

Time: On the morning of 25 April 2024

Maximum Number of Visitors: 40 visitors

Price: 120 RMB per person

The Third Batch:

Time: On the morning of 24 April 2024

Maximum Number of Visitors: 40 visitors

Price: 120 RMB per person

Note: The two batches on April 25th are the same tour route with the visiting time differing by around 1 hour.

Participate in project 2, click here

Pick-up Point:

Gate 10, Hall 20, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Departure Time:

First Batch(April 25): 08:30

Second Batch(April 25):09:30

Third Batch(April 24): 08:30

Project Address:

(Southeast side of Tong'andongwei Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou, Guangdong.)

Distance from:

Shenzhen WECC:about 44 km, 50mins' drive.

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport: about 58 km, 60mins' drive.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport:about 105 km, 90mins' drive.

Hongkong International Airport:about 95 km, 105mins' drive.


1.Please arrive at the pickup point and get on your bus according to the destination sign. The buses will leave ON TIME and won't wait. Thank you for being there 5-10 minutes in advance to secure the smooth operation of the visit.

2.If you have checked out of the hotel, your luggage can be stored at the hotel or taken on the bus, please ensure that your luggage is marked properly. After the visit ends, the bus will return to Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. Please remember to take all your personal items and luggage with you. Do not leave anything behind.

3.The following is the specific itinerary for the visit, and it is for reference only. The actual timings shall prevail.

4.Only helmets are provided when visiting. For your safety, we suggest that you wear your own safty shoes.

The Pearl River Estuary Tunnel of Shenzhen-Jiangmen Railway
First Batch April 25 AM Second Batch April 25 AM Third Batch April 24 AM Itinerary Remarks
08:30-09:20 (50 mins) 09:30-10:20 (50 mins) 08:30-09:20 (50 mins) Shenzhen WECCThe Pearl River Estuary Tunnel of Shenzhen-Jiangmen Railway Bus reserved by WTC2024
09:20 10:20 09:20 Arrive The Pearl River Estuary Tunnel of Shenzhen-Jiangmen Railway
09:20-09:35 (15 mins) 10:20-10:35 (15 mins) 09:20-09:35 (15 mins) Innovation Control Center
09:35-09:45 (10 mins) 10:35-10:45 (10 mins) 09:35-09:45 (10 mins) Safety Culture Corridor
09:45-9:55 (10 mins) 10:45-10:55 (10 mins) 09:45-9:55 (10 mins) Intelligent Assembly Robot for Partition Wall
9:55-10:00 (5 mins) 10:55-11:00 (5 mins) 9:55-10:00 (5 mins) Intelligent Inspection Equipment
10:00-10:20 (20 mins) 11:00-11:20 (20 mins) 10:00-10:20 (20 mins) Sightseeing inside the tunnel by bus
10:20-10:30 (10 mins) 11:20-11:30 (10 mins) 10:20-10:30 (10 mins) Intelligent Assembly of Intermidiate Box Culvert
10:30-10:35 (5 mins) 11:30-11:35 (5 mins) 10:30-10:35 (5 mins) Intelligent Tunneling
10:35-10:45 (10 mins) 11:35-11:45 (10 mins) 10:35-10:45 (10 mins) Self-guided visit to shield machine
10:45-11:00 (15 mins) 11:45-12:00 (15 mins) 10:45-11:00 (15 mins) Return to site office by bus
11:00-11:10 (10 mins) 12:00-12:10 (10 mins) 11:00-11:10 (10 mins) Report and exchange meeting
11:10-11:50 (40 mins) 12:10-12:50 (40 mins) 11:10-11:50 (40 mins) Lunch
11:50-12:40(50 mins) 13:50-13:40 (50 mins) 11:50-12:40(50 mins) The Pearl River Estuary Tunnel of Shenzhen-Jiangmen RailwayShenzhen WECC
End of the visit
Bus reserved by WTC2024
The visiting time is for reference only, the actual visiting time shall prevail. PCO reserves the right to adjust the visiting time.