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Hong Kong Trunk Road T2 and Cha Kwo Ling Tunnel

The project, a 3 .4 km of dual two-lane trunk road, in which 3.1 km is in the form of tunnel, constitutes the middle section of Route 6, connecting to the Central Kowloon Route on the west and the Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel on the east will be built upon the collaboration of the employer - Civil Engineering Development Department,

the consultant - Hyder-Meinhardt Joint Venture and the contractor - Bouygues Travaux Publics. Upon the completion of Route 6, the journey time between Yau Ma Tei to Tseung Kwan O during the peak hour can be significantly reduced from 65 minutes to 12 minutes.

Project Features

- 2 x 14m diameter slurry TBMs used in the project can cope with the complex ground condition within the tunnel lining.

- Automated devices such as “Robotic Arms” , the real - time monitoring system “MOBYDIC” (instrumented disc cutters) will be adapted in the construction of tunnel to improve the site safety and enhance the productivity.

- The first - time application of accessible cutter heads in Hong Kong allow workers to change worn out cutters at atmospheric pressure, which minimize the safety and health risk of decompression.

- The Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach will be applied for the construction of the internal structures. Installation of the prefabricated segments of service gallery, OHVD and cross passage can improve the tunnel logistic, safety and environment on-site.

- A 3.6m diameter slurry TBM using pipe jacking method is applied for the construction of cross passage as the precision pipe brake and thrust frame system can ensure effective pipe jacking and waterproofing.

- The Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) equipment will be installed using Multi trade Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MIMEP) method.

1. Please complete the payment within 3 days after booking, otherwise your order will be cancelled. If you still want to participate in this project, you need to rebook.
2. For foreigners: After the visit in Hong Kong, if you need to re-enter the mainland, please confirm in advance whether your visa allows for a second entry or not.
3. For mainland residents: If you are transiting through Hong Kong for a visit, please apply for a valid Hong Kong visa in advance.
4. After the visit, a coach will be arranged to transport everyone from the construction site to Hong Kong Airport. The visit will then end here.

The batch information is as follows:

The First Batch:

Time: On the morning of 25 April 2024

Maximum Number of Visitors: 40 visitors

Price: 120 RMB per person

The Second Batch:

Time: On the afternoon of 25 April 2024

Maximum Number of Visitors: 40 visitors

Price: 120 RMB per person

Participate in project 6, click here

Pick-up Point:

Gate 10, Hall 20, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

Departure Time:

First Batch(April 25): 07:00

Second Batch(April 25):12:00

Project Address:

8 Kai Fuk Road (To Kwa Wan bound) Kowloon Bay, Enter from Gate 4 next to Shell Petrol Station,Hong Kong.

Distance from:

Shenzhen WECC:about 81 km, 90mins' drive.

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport:about 72 km, 75mins' drive.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport:about 190 km, 160mins' drive.

Hongkong International Airport:about 38 km, 40mins' drive.


1.Please arrive at the pickup point and get on your bus according to the destination sign. The buses will leave ON TIME and won't wait. Thank you for being there 5-10 minutes in advance to secure the smooth operation of the visit.

2.If you have checked out of the hotel, your luggage can be stored at the hotel or taken on the bus, please ensure that your luggage is marked properly. After the visit ends, the bus will return to Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. Please remember to take all your personal items and luggage with you. Do not leave anything behind.

3.The following is the specific itinerary for the visit, and it is for reference only. The actual timings shall prevail.

4.Only helmets are provided when visiting. For your safety, we suggest that you wear your own safety shoes.

Trunk Road T2 and Cha Kwo Ling Tunnel- Hong Kong
First Batch April 25 AM Second Batch April 25 PM Itinerary Remarks
7:00-8:30 (90 mins) 12:00-13:30 (90 mins) Shenzhen WECC → Trunk Road T2 and Cha Kwo Ling Tunnel – Hong Kong Bus reserved by WTC2024
8:30 13:30 Arrive the Contractor - Bouygues Travaux Public (BTP) Trunk Road T2 Site Office War room
8:45-9:15 (30 mins) 13:45-14:15 (30 mins) Project Introduction
9:15-9:25 (10 mins) 14:15-14:25 (10 mins) Safety Briefing + wear Personal protective equipment (PPE) Safety Team
9:25-9:35 (10 mins) 14:25-14:35 (10 mins) Trunk Road T2 Site Office → Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) S1281 (Westbound Tunnel) Shuttle Bus reserved by BTP Cha Kwo Ling (CKL) Tunnel Team, 1- 2 no. of Shuttle Bus (TBC)
9:35-10:15 (40 mins) 14:35-15:15 (40 mins) TBM S1281-(20mins)
- TBM operation
- Robotic Arm
- Mobydic
- Accessible Cutterhead
DfMA Internal Structure – (20 mins)
- ISIG for Service Gallery
-Cross Passage
Electrical and Plumbing
10:15–10:30 (15 mins) 15:15–15:30 (15 mins) Shuttle Bus to Subsea Tunnel Portal (5 mins)
MiMEP (5 - 10 mins)
10:30–10:50 (20 mins) 15:30–15:50 (20 mins) Subsea Tunnel Portal → CKL Tunnel T1 Shuttle Bus reserved by CKL Tunnel Team, 1- 2 no. of Shuttle Bus (TBC)
10:50 15:50 Arrive CKL Tunnel T1
10:50 – 11: 25 (35 mins) 15:50 – 16:25 (35 mins) CKL Tunnel
11: 25-11:45 (20 mins) 16: 25-16:45 (20 mins) Return to BTP T2 Site Office Shuttle Bus reserved by CKL Team, 1- 2 no. of Shuttle Bus (TBC)
11:45-13:45 (120mins) 16:45-18:45 (120mins) BTP T2 Site Office → Hongkong International airport → Shenzhen WECC
End of the visit
Bus reserved by WTC2024
Tips: It takes about 75 minutes to drive from the BTP T2 Site Office to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). The coach will stop at the HKIA first before going back to Shenzhen. If you want to return by coach, please make arrangements accordingly.
The visiting time is for reference only, the actual visiting time shall prevail. PCO reserves the right to adjust the visiting time.