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China Civil Engineering Society

About China Civil Engineering Society

China Civil Engineering Society (CCES) is an academic society for civil engineering scientists and technicians nationwide, which is a part of China Association of Science and Technology. Founded in 1912, it is one of the earliest engineering academic societies established in China, of which the predecessor is the Chinese Institute of Engineers founded by Mr. Zhan Tianyou, an outstanding civil engineer in modern China.

The Society has actively carried out academic activities, making positive contributions to the development of civil engineering in China and the improvement of science and technology in the field of civil engineering.

The main task of the Society are:

To carry out academic exchanges;

To edit and publish scientific and technical publications and journals;

To carry out international scientific and technical exchanges;

To provide advice on major issues in national scientific & technical policies and in economic construction;

To carry out technical services and consultation;

To carry out continuing education and technical training;

To Popularize scientific knowledge and promote advanced technology;

To Recommend and commend outstanding scientific and technological achievements and talents;

To Reflect members' reasonable demands and provide services for members.


Nearly 100,000

individual members


Nearly 3,000

group members


With 21 branches & local civil

engineering societies in each locality

Tunnel and Underground Works Branch of China Civil Engineering Society

The Tunnel and Underground Works Branch of China Civil Engineering Society (TUWB-CCES) was established in March 1979. There are 11 scientific and technical forums under the branch. The Society owns the journal "Modern Tunnel Technology" and until now has held the 21st China Tunnel and Underground Engineering Conference and Annual Tunnel Conference.

Aim: To encourage the use and development of underground space and promote the development of tunnel engineering design, construction, management and maintenance technology.

Main Tasks: To carry out domestic and international academic exchanges; edit and publish scientific and technical books and journals; play a professional advisory role on national science & technology policies and economic construction in major issues, and carry out technical services; carry out continuing education for members and popularization of science Technical knowledge; reflect the opinions and requirements of the members and organize activities to serve the members.